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Mooring & Dinghy Facilities


Cardwell Bay Sailing Club administer part of the Bay on behalf of the Crown Estates. The Club has a mooring trot to which members can have their own riser etc attached. The annual cost of a mooring, including servicing, is approx 400. The annual fee for Crown Estates is 45.

An explanation of moorings arrangements and charges can be downloaded here.

For further details please contact the Moorings Convenor - Tom Jackson


Dinghy Park

CBSC has a Dinghy Park on Cove Road near the Clubhouse. Members can keep dinghies in the park.

Up to 10 feet, 15 for 6 months or 30 for year

Over 10 feet, 75 for 6 months or 140 for year

All members with dinghies in the Dinghy Park MUST ensure that they are clearly marked with the name of the yacht or its owner.


For further information contact Bill Gillespie

Tel: 01475 727557


There are three slipways in Cardwell Bay, two of which are suitable for launching trailer sailers for 4 hours before or after high water.

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